Student Testimonials

I have taken lessons and theory instruction from Jason for several years now. His broad familiarity and appreciation for many styles of music are real assets to his teaching, but it is his special combination of musical rigor, patience, and ease of manor that make him great. His own playing is so beautiful as to be an inspiration to anyone wanting to learn.

— Jonathan M.

Jason Olson has been our son Josh’s guitar teacher for more than years. Jason is professional and knowledgeable and has provided our son with a strong music education while instilling a love for music. Our kids have had a number of music teachers over the years and Jason has been the easiest to work with, providing a comfortable, encouraging environment for Josh to learn and play both electric and acoustic guitar. It’s been a great experience to watch Josh grow into a musician with Jason’s guidance.
— The Frank Family

We started with Mr. Olson and Rock Camp a couple years ago. Our son fell in love with the experience and wanted private guitar lessons. Doing private lessons has opened up a whole new world for him. His confidence is up, and he has started pursuing other stringed instruments. The foundations he has learned from Mr. Olson have benefited all areas of his music. We have watched him blossom and grow in his ability and knowledge of music. I love the personal touch that Mr. Olson gives to our son. Each lesson is specifically designed for him, down to the genre of music he likes to listen to. Mr. Olson is not just a music teacher, he is a role model. He is a real live musician living the dream and practicing what he is teaching. He is personable, professional, and there’s no one else I would suggest taking lessons from!
— Linette B.

I have taken lessons from Jason Olson for over 3 years. He makes me comfortable, understands my challenges as an adult learner, and lets me learn the content I want. In short, Jason Olson ROCKS!

— Anne-Marie L.

Jason is a great teacher! My son, Neall, really likes Jason. Neall enjoys learning and playing the guitar. He has learned a lot.

— Nikki B.

Our daughter has been studying guitar with Jason for more than four years and we feel fortunate to have found him. Jason is an accomplished teacher, and we could not be happier with the progress that our daughter has made under his instruction. We were immediately impressed with how well Jason related to our daughter, and over the years, he has guided her playing while accommodating her evolving and eclectic taste in music. Our daughter looks forward to her time with Jason every week. It’s not a lesson to her as much as a half hour she gets to play her guitar with a musician whom she respects.
— Chad and Linda N.

Jason has made playing the guitar fun!
I have been taking lessons from Jason for a little over two years now, and I can’t imagine where I would be otherwise. I actually left Jason for lessons closer to my home, but I soon missed the quality of instruction that I had with Jason, and returned to him in short order. He tailors the lessons to what I want to focus on, and keeps the lessons challenging yet rewarding. We started on rhythm; mine was horrible and was always a point of frustration for me. Jason taught me to hear the rhythm, write it out in a format that was easy for me to read and play during my practice sessions. We have since moved on to more challenging finger style picking which has made the guitar a completely different animal. I can’t believe the instrument Jason has opened up for me, and I look forward to other areas we have yet to touch on. He is a gifted musician and a patient instructor that will teach you to play any style you can imagine yourself playing.
— Jay R.

We would highly recommend Jason to anyone looking for a guitar instructor. Our daughter started out in a group lesson and then moved on to private lessons with Jason. We have found him to be a caring and gentle instructor. I also appreciate the time after each lesson that he speaks to me, the parent, to update me on my child’s progress. Jason is dependable and professional. You’ll like him!
— Lisa B.

My son started lessons with Jason as a cute 9-year-old who wanted to be a rock star. Nearly six years later, his greatest asset is the knowledge of music theory that has come from Jason not only teaching how to play his favorite songs, but helping him understand why he’s doing it a certain way. Through the years, Jason has come along side Sam, whether it be learning a favorite lick, composing music for a school project, or getting ahead for high school jazz band. Jason has been instrumental in producing a confident young musician who can adapt to any performance opportunity.
— Donna S.

Jason has been teaching my 14 year old daughter guitar for over a year now. She started with no experience at all and can now play music across many genres. Jason is very patient, caring and respectful. He has a great ear for music. Jason can teach my daughter how to play any song of her choice by just listening to the song. Jason makes learning learning how to play the guitar fun while teaching his students a love for music! I also hired Jason to play for my 40th birthday party and I was very impressed with his professionalism and choice of music!
— Cindy M.

I’ve been studying classical and folk guitar with Jason for over a year now am really pleased with what he has helped me accomplish. He is a careful, patient, and insightful teacher, and I’m constantly amazed by how much knowledge and experience he has to share. I highly recommend him as a teacher, whether you are a total beginner, or an accomplished musician.
— Jessica M.

I have been working with Jason for almost three years and feel that he has really helped me move forward in my development as a guitar player. He is intuitive enough to know what teaching style works best for me, and he always has the right feel for keeping me appropriately challenged. I really love the variety in our lessons, and how we can move from discussing very specific matters of technique to very broad concepts of music
— Paul J.

I have been taking classical guitar lessons with Jason for many years. When I first came to Jason, I was stuck in basic guitar playing; still trying to play music I had from 15 years prior. Since my lessons with Jason, I have the confidence to play beautiful songs for family events and friends, my technique has vastly improved and my music is played with emotion and feeling. Jason is professional, friendly and encouraging and I have highly recommended him as a guitar teacher to my friends and family interested in playing the guitar. We are very fortunate to have such an accomplished guitar teacher in Longmont.
— Kimberly F.

My 15 year old son has been taking guitar from Jason Olson for six years, and it has been and continues to be a wonderful experience for him. Eric came to Jason as a 9 year old boy who had gotten bored with his lessons with another teacher and was considering giving up playing guitar altogether. I mentioned this to a friend who had heard great things about Jason, so I gave him a call. Eric was skeptical about starting with a new teacher, so we went in for a quick meeting and Eric was totally won over. Besides being an excellent instructor, Jason is a warm, gentle person who really connects with people. Eric has tons of respect for Jason and has vastly improved as a musician under his guidance. Jason is dependable and has never cancelled a lesson and has been generous and accommodating when we had scheduling issues due to sports practices. I recommend Jason highly as a teacher for a guitar student of any age – he’s the best.
— Barbara F.

I have been taking guitar lessons with Jason Olson for over 13 years. He is an excellent teacher and makes it easy and fun. He is capable of taking a student as in depth as they want to go in any style of guitar. He knows his stuff, he is an excellent musician!!
— Jill C.

Before starting lessons with Jason, I had been plinking away on my own for about a year. But now, after three months of lessons, I feel like I’m making great progress in a way that makes complete sense and is not totally random. I knew a little music theory already, but Jason is rapidly helping me fill in the large remaining holes — especially in applying it all to the guitar and to real guitar playing, in any style. I feel like there’s so much to learn, but he understands my learning style and goals and keeps me motivated and moving forward. I also appreciated how accommodating he was in working out a time slot that worked for me after work. The new studio is really cool too. It’s in a hip, convenient location downtown, and I take advantage of the pre-lesson practice area, with practice amp and headphones, to tune up and warm up.
— Ben K.

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